Keyboard For Gaming – The Best Ones On The Market

June 30, 2021
Gaming Keyboard
best keyboards for gaming

When shopping for the best keyboards for gaming, it is difficult not to get confused by all the different switches and keys available out there today.

Some models use standard mechanical switches such as the Cherry MX or Kailh or some other companies make their own. In general, a membrane-based mechanical keyboard is generally better for extended gaming, although it may not necessarily be for everybody. A rubber-dome keyboard can be used for typing, and a laser-based keyboard can also be great for precise keystrokes. Ultimately, what you need to know about how you’ll utilize your keyboard will help you find the best one for you.

You have two main options for choosing a gaming keyboard:

the membrane-based or the rubber dome. The difference between them centers around how responsive they are to keypresses. Membrane-based keyboards have a much more responsive response when pressed, providing a very light actuation. They also have mechanical keypads, which provide more resistance to being pressed. Rubber dome keyboards have a nice smooth feel to them because of the rubber dome insides of the keypad.

Finding the best keyboards:

For gaming can be difficult, because of all the choices on today’s market. Obviously, the membrane and rubber dome-based keyboards are better than anything else, but which is the best? There are several considerations you need to make when shopping for a gaming keyboard. The first thing is, what type of use you’re going to put it to: do you plan to use it at work, or playing? For extended gaming sessions, a quality membrane-based keyboard with a high response time and good ergonomic design is best, as these types of keyboards provide the most benefit.

Razer Huntsman Mini is one of the best keyboards for gaming that you can get. Its mechanical keys provide a light actuation without feeling like you’re pressing too much. It’s a great choice if you find that your fingers get tired after just a few days of gaming.

best keyboards for gaming

When talking about the best keyboards for gaming, we should mention the Razer V3 Pro. This keyboard was designed especially with hardcore gamers in mind and has a lot of features that will be appreciated by any gamer. First of all, if you love to play first-person shooters, you’ll appreciate all the nice-based keys that are built into the V3 Pro’s layout. These special keys will allow you to program six different functions on your keyboard, for your health, energy, shield, and armor regeneration. There are also five macro keys built right into the side of the keyboard that will allow you to quickly do a number of different things on your screen, with the press of a single button.


If we have to make a few more noteworthy mentions, then we would have to say that the Razer Megasoma keyboard is easily the best gaming keyboard on the market. While it isn’t particularly an extremely popular keyboard, it is still highly recommended by many reviews because of its comfort and quality build. A lot of people who purchase a Razer Megasoma find that they prefer it over the V III Pro, simply because it is a bit smaller and more compact, which makes it perfect for those who need a smaller keyboard while not sacrificing a lot of keys. Between the large keys, stylish looks, and a full macro and programming capability, the Megasoma is definitely worth a serious look if you are looking for a high-performance keyboard that is also a lot of fun to use.

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