What To Look For In A Good Workout Watch

July 8, 2021
smart phone watch

Smartphone watches have become a popular accessory to complement the look of a smartphone. As a single, fully functional device with a fully functioning touch screen, the smartphone watch offers convenience for navigation whilst you’re not using your phone. A smartphone watch face can be used as a multifunction unit, allowing you to view the time, and date as well as accessing applications and performing other functions when the watch is switched off. However, what should you look for in a smartphone watch? Following are some tips on choosing a phone watch that is right for you.


bear in mind how often you will wear the watch. If you will be in the watch face for extended periods of time, such as while exercising or during the day when you may be using other accessories, choose one with a higher screen resolution, such as a Super AMOLED from Seiko. Although the high resolution is an unnecessary expense, the Super AMOLED offers brilliant viewing clarity, making it a great smartphone watch for fitness activities.


consider the user interface of the phone watches. Many smartphone watches allow users to browse through recent calls, emails, and other data stored in their phone’s internal memory, but it’s important to consider what else you want to accomplish with the watch. If you are an athlete or are into fitness games, you may prefer a sports watch with a GPS or other external GPS functionality so that you can map out runs, find places to run, and monitor your heart rate. Some phones also support heart rate monitoring, which can help you judge your workout intensity and speed. For those who prefer not to carry extra equipment, cellular support is crucial.

The best smartwatches integrate with a chest strap that provides continuous GPS readings for heart rate, distance, and calories burned. With such accurate information, you can set goals for both exercise performance and fat loss. The accuracy of these devices makes them ideal for serious athletes and gym-goers who can perform their workouts indoors or outdoors.


consider the battery life and screen size. Smartphone watches are designed to be worn during workouts, meaning you need to get a unit that has a long life. Some companies include an extended warranty with their products, so be sure to check this out before you buy.

One final feature to look for in smartphone watches is whether they are water-resistant or water-proof. Many companies offer models that are resistant to submersion up to a certain depth, but the depth at which they can be submerged depends on the material covering the screen. Some Samsung Galaxy watches have been known to survive underwater, but they are also not always as durable as other brands. Also, consider the type of band the watch comes with. Most people will opt for a silicone band since this provides a comfortable fit and some added resistance to getting wet.


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